fight the good fight, boys

Bring our troops home!


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who are you closest to on the tag? dont see you around much :(


i dont talk to many people from here, but jimmy, corbs and kiki are who i appreciate most. i am always here if you are lonely anon x

This warmed me! The love. I feel. 🙌💋




This made me laugh more than it should have lol [x]

I was waiting for this

I knew this would happen hahaha

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I thought I’d be happy about this vis wax stuff but honestly two agility challenges in one day is exhausting.


I figured it was time to spice up my agility training.

This makes me incredibly happy



Yo, welcome finefruit!

Imagine a community that supported each other and responded to being corrected without offense and defensiveness and other people’s existence and confidence not being a source for some insecure competitiveness oh my goodness what a world that would be.


it’s incredible how a video game can have so much personal meaning and importance to you

but then when you talk to another person who played it they’re like ‘yeah it was ok’

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Oh my goodness, you're seriously my most hated person on the tag. I wish you would get raped by a big black guy. I wish you get shot randomly in the chest and die slowly choking on your blood. I wish the worst upon your shitty fucking life.

Get in line and join the rest.

It’s amazingly hard to care what someone thinks or says when you can’t bring yourself to value their opinion. That fucks with you because unlike you, who highly cares what I think, your opinion does not matter to me. It’s apparent that bothers you because you feel the need to tell me how awful you think I am. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here crying in the first place thinking it’s going to make the slightest bit of difference in how I feel. Anyone spewing mindless and face-less hate like this has as much merit as a dog barking. How in the hell am I supposed to value that?

Also, for the record, for anyone else who thinks I’m an asshole for calling shit like it is, this exists in our community. But clearly, I’m the problem, amirite? :D


if uve ever sent anyone nasty messages on anon u can unfollow me 

Remember that time agilepotato sent me ridiculous anons for weeks and then I called him out on it with proof and then my own friends continue to reblog from them cause he has some experience with photo editing and gif making? Good times.


Why did I do this

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I’ll make an outfit later but jesus fuck lOOK AT THIS


Introducting the 120 self respect cape!!

Nothing says “self respect” like covering yourself up and not dressing like a disgusting slut so we’ve taken it one step further and made a cape modeled after Ana-in-a-barrel! 

You can see she respects herself (not like those gross skanks at the GE) because she’s shielding every inch of her skin from the gazes of men, by hiding in a barrel!

Available now in the Solomon Store!

Still love it

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Hm. Gonna casually add everyone who liked this to my shit list. Funny, because I see some followers on that list who know all too well that I’m disabled and occasionally use arm support canes.

Disabled people are not a joke or a punch line. Even if this joke wasn’t disgusting as hell in that regard, it’s not that funny. Congratulations on being bigoted as hell for a cheap laugh, I guess.

I’m not a fucking joke. Everybody who reblogged this or liked this uncritically is fucking disgusting. I’m unfollowing some people.

For real. I hope my sarcasm was clear enough though. This shit is terrible. 

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