After watching the Meet the Makers stream, my appreciation for Mod Moltare really jumped through the roof. 

Not only does he have that amazing voice and sincerely excited, story-telling personality, but he showed that he’s also pretty aware of the issues of the gaming industry and even uttered the phrases “straight white male” and “white-washed” in a non-sarcastic, let’s-acknowledge-this type of way. Even further, he knew when it really wasn’t his place to comment on an issue and instead had the approach of, “If this is how some people feel, let’s give that concern and attention” rather than a defensive, down-playing, sarcastic type of response that you see so often. He seems like such a responsible guy and I’m really glad he’s at Jagex in such an important position. Cheers to Moltare and whoever asked that question about female representation.


Maxin’ in about 15 minutes.

Come to Draynor (by Div’ cape person) in world 42 and celebrate. <3





i’ll never understand why people try to shame women for being gold diggers like ???

the fuck is your damage lmfao. if she wants to date a dude who can provide for her ((hint: financial stability is important)) then why is it a problem?

it’s not a problem if thats a…

Because it’s a toxic relationship.  The person with the money is being used whether they want to admit it or not.  The relationship can’t grow if they both don’t love each other and treat each other with respect.
I see you talking a lot on here about how you should always get out of a toxic relationship because it’s not good for you.  Now you’re saying you don’t see what’s wrong with this? That’s hypocrisy.

  • if both parties are clear about the expectations of the relationship (A provides for B), then no it’s not one person being used? like, this type of relationship is actually really common - one party provides companionship, and in return they’re compensated for it
  • as stated previously, you don’t necessarily have to love someone to be in a relationship with them. the two are not mutual or exclusive of one another. 
  • how would you justify this kind of relationship as being toxic when both parties are aware of the dynamics, and consent to it.

Men shame “gold diggers” because they can’t provide the life she wants. It’s just yet another way of making a man’s shortcoming as a woman’s problem. 

Some women aren’t looking for that emotionally dependency towards their partners as much as others. Some women aren’t too enthralled by romance and the idea of a typical “perfect” relationship. Some women are just looking to secure their living and the fact that there’s a large “sugar daddy” market filled with men willing to throw down hundreds or more a week just shows how uncommon a typical perfect relationship is anyways. Hell, just the amount of lies, cheating, break ups and abuse rampant in common everyday relationships should tell you that love and romance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anyways.






The developer of Call Of Duty has said that COD players aren’t real gamers because they rarely try other franchises

I’m laughing so hard oh my god imagine how they must feel knowing he thinks that about them


Fake Gamer Boys

oh this tastes so fucking good

oh, but he is right.

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ashokers is a blessing

sexism is pretty rampant towards gay men tbh. there's lots of preconceived notions of what a man should be that any feminine gay man has had some kind of sexism used against them. it ties in very strongly with homophobia

You’re so close to being right on this but not quite there. 

Homophobia is the result of patriarchal gender roles which does indeed have preconceived notions about what a man is, what’s between their legs, who they should be sexually active with, how they act, etc but these things are the result of our arbitrary gender roles and it backfires on men when men don’t fit them which results in them being oppressed for their sexuality and lifestyle. Gender roles go hand in hand with the patriarchy and has been and are always perpetuated by it. While homophobia is completely oppression, it is a backfiring of sexism, not exactly sexism itself. It’d be more accurate to say it’s a form of hetero-sexism. You can read more about that here

I am a white male, but I am gay. Are you saying that I cannot be oppressed? Because I feel like I have been pretty damn oppressed as some points in my life.

Of course. Homophobia and heteronormativity exist and are serious issues. What I’m saying is that white people cannot experience oppression solely based on their skin. 

Mary said this very succinctly in this post  that basically states that white people can be oppressed on different axis, such as: being white and gay, you experience homophobia; being white and a woman, you experience sexism; being white and disabled, you experience ableism, etc. 

Being white does not mean that your life is perfect, by any means. But it does mean that your skin affords you certain privileges that you reap and are accountable for if you don’t acknowledge them. This does not take away or add to the ways in which you are oppressed. This is not oppression olympics.

For example, being gay, you’re much likelier than a straight white person to be a victim of abuse, hate crimes, being kicked from your home by parents etc… so while you may not be seeing vast amounts of gay representation in the media and you may get dirty looks the next time you kiss a man in public, no one is going to clutch their purse when you enter an elevator with them, no one is going to think you’re inherently violent or lazy, no one is going to follow you home and shoot you because you’re wearing a hooded sweatshirt in the rain at night. Know what I mean?

I think you mean "Some" white people. not all.



You know, the more I hear this, the more I actually don’t mean “some” white people. 

"Not all X are Y" is literally the rallying cry of all Y people everywhere.

"Not all white people are racist" is literally the rallying cry of all white racists everywhere.

"Not all men are sexist" is literally the rallying cry of all sexist men everywhere.

And so on.

The less concerned you are about getting your gold stickers and cookies and praises for not being actively problematic the more likely you might actually learn something. Taking the time to be more concerned about your ego and to be validated while executing an old silencing tactic because you’re uncomfortable by association does not invoke confidence. Educate yourself before attempting to speak about something you know nothing about. 

You do realise that your mindset mirrors precisely the one you’re criticising? Your beef is with racism and sexism right? Those are, by definition, insults directed at a group of people specifically for being a certain type of person. That is to say when you are being racist or sexist, you generalise an entire and very diverse group of people into one very narrow bracket. That’s exactly what you’re doing now, but because it’s directed at white males, the historically dominant social group, you think it’s okay to be a racist, sexist hypocrite. Do you realise how stupid you sound when you say things like this? And you’re telling Lolly to educate herself?

My beef is with oppression and the numerous ways in which it’s upheld. I just used racism and sexism as examples because those are two of the most recognized forms of oppression. (There are others that definitely need to be recognized and are incredibly important as well)

You say it’s hypocritical. No, it isn’t. Not even kinda. And because I have some time on my hands we’re gonna go through Oppressive Power Structures 101.

White people don’t really experience racism. Men don’t experience sexism. This can obviously need explaining when speaking to the general public. What most people are uneducated about is the power dynamic of how oppression works in general.

Racism and sexism manifests in two ways:

  • As individual acts of meanness and prejudice. (This is how it’s generally known, how the words are used colloquially in everyday language, and what white people love to quote from the dictionary)
  • As a system of oppression, fueled by racial or gender dominance, that manifests in our culture and legislature creating unequal access to societal goods, services, and opportunities and putting innumerable obstacles in the path of growth, self-reliance, and change. (This is how the words are known in academia. More on this later) 

White people and/or men can experience the first type. Only people of color and/or women experience both. Now when talking about racism, this is important: That second type is known as “institutional racism”, and it’s the main way racism manifests in our society. It’s basically prejudice plus power, and it actively disadvantages people of color while benefiting white people (who are the ones with the power). That benefit reaped from racism is called “white privilege”, and basically, it’s the daily psychological advantage of knowing that one’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs are the one that actually matter and shape society. Now, you can’t do anything about having privilege; it’s just there. But you do need to be aware of it and accountable for it if you don’t actually want to be a racist. Sexism and the existence of the patriarchy works in much the same way.

So, because all white people do benefit from racism and because all men benefit from sexism, it’s not actually at all incorrect or discriminatory to say that all white people are racist or all men are sexist. You’re definitely not all hateful or purposefully prejudiced, this is not news, but whiteness as an institution is racially oppressive just as the patriarchy is dominant in gender. 

Due to this system of oppression (and it’s inherent power structure) when people of color talk about “white people”, it’s inherently different than when white people generalize about people of color… So basically, even if I were saying that all white people are racist and it were prejudice, I, as a person of color, don’t have the power to act upon such prejudice. That’s not racism; it’s hurt feelings. There is no systematic institution that will back up or support my attitudes. It’s like an employee telling their boss “You’re fired!” An employee could say it if they wanted to be laughed at and fired themselves but nothing would actually come of it.

Remember the bit about academia? Well, before you think of arguing about any of this, you need to understand that literally nothing I’ve said so far has been my opinion. These are facts you’ll learn in almost any university course that teaches social theory and dismantles power structures.

What’s shitty about the whole “not all white people” thing is that they’re using white privilege—specifically the assertion that your feelings and experiences matter more (which is an opportunity that people of color could never find themselves in)—to hijack and derail conversations about racism that make you uncomfortable by association. That’s exclusively how the phrase is used and why only racists use it. And in doing so, you’re sending the very clear message that you care far more about distancing whiteness from racism than about actually stopping racism. That’s oppressive. It also kind of makes you a dick.

More importantly though, people who actually aren’t oppressive don’t need to advertise it. They demonstrate it consistently through their actions by, you know, actually not being oppressive. Our real allies know that the discussions of our lived experiences with racism, sexism, etc are important, valid, and totally not about them personally. And you know, maybe people need to ask themselves, why they don’t know that. Why, if they’re so totally not a racist etc, do they feel the need to defend themselves from accusations that were literally never actually made against them in the first place?

So anyways, yes. Educate yourself.

I like how geeky blonde completely ignored everything you said in favor of pulling out some ad hominem attack on your reputation which she didn't even provide receipts for....

(2) I mean not like she still interacts and supports people who have been proven to be shitty horrible ppl lmfao

I mean like

I didn’t talk about those issues cause they weren’t relevant nor are they normalized like racism/sexism etc are and for good reason

But if she’d like to talk about it then let’s talk about how I myself am a victim of sexual child abuse when I was 7 perpetrated by trusted and loved members of my own family, it’s be tons of fun

I think you mean "Some" white people. not all.

You know, the more I hear this, the more I actually don’t mean “some” white people. 

"Not all X are Y" is literally the rallying cry of all Y people everywhere.

"Not all white people are racist" is literally the rallying cry of all white racists everywhere.

"Not all men are sexist" is literally the rallying cry of all sexist men everywhere.

And so on.

The less concerned you are about getting your gold stickers and cookies and praises for not being actively problematic the more likely you might actually learn something. Taking the time to be more concerned about your ego and to be validated while executing an old silencing tactic because you’re uncomfortable by association does not invoke confidence. Educate yourself before attempting to speak about something you know nothing about. 

So no consideration for individual people as being decent human beings because they're white males? I'm white, I'm male, I'm not perfect, but I don't even slightly fall under any of your "white boy" stereotypes. Point is, you should follow the footsteps of many other accepting human beings and treat people as individuals instead of categorising them by their race/gender/skin colour/etc. The world is a fucked up place, I agree, but your "fuck you listen to me" attitude won't make it any better.



i have literally never seen you give a single shit about racism or current events aside from this one time you got upset because someone came after your demographic 

  1. I’ve given a shit about racism many times. We barely talk, so what you’re really saying is you’ve never seen me blog about it. Generic RuneScape Blog, not Generic Social Justice Blog.


  2. Upset ≠ Offended. I’m not even slightly upset, I’m simply offended, Mary. Never do you go after the person, or the attitude. You don’t try and say there are issues with society, instead you say there are issues with all people from a certain demographic.
  3. You are so ridiculously closed-minded and high on your own drama, that you will never learn another thing from anyone. You’re always right. There’s never a flaw in your opinion. Everybody else must be wrong in some way. No room for adaptation.
  4. "Someone came after your demographic". I’m sick and tired of being bombarded with stereotypes every time I refresh my dash. At first, it was funny. I have no problems with a joke or two that’s against my demographic. I won’t even be slightly offended, but it’s become clear to me that it’s much more than that from you. It’s been going on for months, not just from you, but from people who I used to respect. I’ve had enough, and I’m finally saying something. Why anyone would want to be friends with you when you continuously make directly offensive posts about their demographic is beyond me.

I’m a person who has always genuinely cared for people and treated them with equal respect, regardless of race/gender/etc. I’m not going to tolerate anyone who is willing to make many wide accusations on entire groups of people based on skin colour as if they’re all equivalent to the lowest scum society has to offer. Instead, I’m going to take your advice, and remove more toxic people from my life, starting with you. I’ve seen nothing come from your blog that actually supports a world free from toxicity. You just stir the pot. That’s all you are, a pot stirrer.

You’ll find that most people, regardless of skin colour, gender, social background, etc, hate the same flaws with society that you do, Mary. I really hope you realise that one day.

If you actually gave a shit about the things that go down against women/people of color, etc, you would empathize and could see why those jokes could be made or why they get grouped in the first place. If there’s a post about white/straight people who do X problematic thing, and you’re not like that because you’re a wonderful, gold star sticker, special snowflake, then it’s not about you. The only thing you prove when you try to say how “not like that” you are is how much you need things to be about you and contributes to the attitude of white male entitlement.

 And actually, you would think most people hate the same flaws of society that we do, but no, people actually don’t. Especially white people. They’re happier ignoring those flaws, reaping the privilege and benefits of those flaws, and then shutting up people (likelier when it’s an outspoken woman of color) who dare simply speak about their daily lives if it involves acknowledging those flaws. If most people actually hated racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc, they wouldn’t exist. Yet these things are so common that they form entire institutions of oppression that actively harm, arrest, murder and otherwise puts innumerable obstacles in the path of growth, independence, self-reliance and change for the oppressed.

I’m glad that you’ll be removing toxic people from your life so that finally, in the entire history of ever, you’ll have a safe space for your straight white maleness. As if you literally don’t have an entire world that upholds, supports and praises you. Heaven forbid you have to view a different webpage, change the channel, or log out. It must be nice having those options to get away from “attacks”.

White people can take nations but not take a joke. Unless you’re Blur. Then you’ll just take them a few times till you start feeling persecuted.



fight the good fight, boys

Bring our troops home!


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