I realize some people are being unkind to you right now but I don't think it's fair for you to categorize all Caucasian people as "whites," please don't be racist like the people bothering you uwu


As if “white” wasn’t the name they chose themselves.

Surprised you're not off getting drunk and crying about how white people stole land you weren't even using right. At least you seem semi-productive unlike the rest of your degenerate race. Your art sucks, by the way.


did u even try tho

The fuck is this fuck saying? Not using “right”? Sorry we weren’t destroying the environment and had a sustainable lifestyle for over 150k years and didn’t try to destroy every other culture we came in contact with while yours has been around 10k years and brought the world to shit. 


omfg hahahaha

Lol disabled people are such a joke! Haha! :)))

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hooplah a mining guide!


  • birthright of the dwarves
  • a very big friends list so you can hop worlds consistently 
  • magic weapons + water spell runes

bonus XP

  • bonus XP isn’t a requirement but it helps SO SO SO much
  • like honestly, an hour of BA = 500k bonus mining XP


  • this mining method requires you to be hopping worlds every 30 seconds or so, so you’ll need a big friends list
  • i like to go into R Quark and Mod Mark FCs and just add everyone there so i have a big hunk of people to hop to


  • start on one end of the lava flow mine and run right down the middle, looking for geysers
  • when you’ve reached the other end, quickhop to a friend’s world
  • run down the middle again, looking for geysers
  • repeat
  • when you find a geyser, attack it with magic until it’s dead and then mine it for XP

XP rates

  • 150k-300k/hr, but this is dependent on how many geysers you can find per hour 
  • this method is the fastest in game if you can get a lot of worlds to yourself 
  • best done late late late night when no one else is hunting (e.g. any time past midnight in north america)
  • if there’s a lot of people online, this method isn’t worth it due to the competition and lack of enough geysers

what i personally do is play BA games during the day when there’s lots of people and teams running, and then mine geysers from around midnight to 4 am when there’s very few people hunting these things.

good luck!

bonus: a bit of math

  • assuming it takes an hour to gain 400k bonus mining XP from BA, and you use it up at lava geysers (200k/hr), it takes you 3 hours to gain 800k xp, coming out to 266k/hr

Did this just happen?

Women significantly outnumber teenage boys in gamer demographics | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour



what do you think about the grindanscape clan? some of them are ok imo but most are petty and annoying

Nah, they’re pretty terrible. And the members who aren’t like this are complicit in this behavior and people you associate with speaks volumes about your own ethics anyways. 

As you can see, that clan member just made a poor decision and Grindanscapers will run with anything if they can laugh at it. 

I do not have autism and it’s not something to ever joke about. He’s been talked to and has apologized.


So I tonight I hosted a talk show.  It was a thing.
Special Guest(s): ashokers sybawave sweettheart 

The after party was also great. 



With zeg-yuudai!

tfw Healvoker

Zeg, I am so proud

With zeg-yuudai!

I will never forget that one time tiaandlulu equated hating bronies to racism.


The question is, what is obama doing about ferguson? I’m not finding much news about it.

Not a damn thing. He made a statement full of bullshit respectability politics and that’s about it. After Ferguson, Yemen, Somalia and everywhere else his drones go, plus his avoidance of Israel’s crimes and the continual $3b a year we continue to give them, I am absolutely done with Obama.